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sweet dreams [May. 1st, 2004|12:23 am]
enter new ground and its hazy. I cant remember much of what happened. The smoke is clearing. The new fear is muted. there is no sound. if you decide there is no decision to be made. doors open burning light. freedom was the first day. they came on their needs bruising knees. vhm
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a three day orgy [Apr. 2nd, 2004|02:33 pm]
Spinning on an axis
until the end of time
the fine print never came into focus
if we only knew what was killing us
a little more everyday
broad landscapes and rich forest fires
emptying their pockets of the night before
I am not pure said one of the actors as
the shadow began to cover his face
the stage is set
for my teenage fuck fantasy. we drive oblivious
through a desert where skeletons sleep with no teeth

The machine gun fire comes in waves
with love to embrace a body dying untouched
stop your heart from feeling
a shadow ago we were dying
now i feel a sharp inclination
to a place i have been before
you look away from what is true
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i spilled coffe on me.. . again. [Mar. 22nd, 2004|02:38 am]
just be true.

test me friendly. I can still hear you singing. there is a failure at the end of the hallway.
never thought this could be. you smile surprise at me inbetween bone and joint.
The russian enthusiasm.
sightsee a valley of ashes. it is pretty, it is beautiful
unexpectedly hit by a car. I didn't hear the last thing you said
It was I guess I never expected it from myself.
The worst is over.
you standing beside me
next to a dead horse in the middle of the street
bruised conscience in a past tense
afflicted with new adjetives
a new trap for the old game
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we know how to wail [Mar. 19th, 2004|01:18 am]
this seems so ridiculous. so dramatic it is funny that's wrong to laugh at. vultures circling above a walking skeleton. so sorry for me to expect an invitation to anything remotely close to an udecided handicap. i choose good health. i miss you so much. soon.
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hey mr. pink toe nails [Mar. 17th, 2004|02:21 am]
dark sun hovering above. i'm cutting fruit. feeding born. A shadow blocked the sun. am i scared. unneccesary terms of endearment met on the means only of a collapse of everything solid. A new beginning early under the hot morning sun. trickling on the edge of a leaf wet with freshness.
there is something in the bushes.
spying on us.
with hunters eyes,
death wading in your eyes
A man living a lie. Autobiographical dissaprove. "Intentions unknown"
assuming the worst.
do i have at best
distant a flat footed friend coasting with his eyes the rocks below a grassy knoll high above.
evertyhing is over
everything is over
everuthing isndsovpovree...
how will i react if everything is over?
i'm in good hands
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(no subject) [Mar. 16th, 2004|12:32 am]
i was fired today. i feel good
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(no subject) [Mar. 13th, 2004|12:29 pm]
there is conversation in the bushes
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facelick [Mar. 13th, 2004|12:27 pm]
I would make a run for it if i knew i had a chance
Caught single handed against a double breasted current
legless umbrellas dancing to the misery bells
Behind a darkened glass children watch
Down by the shore young children are watching me
Bleeding from every pore. Sand sticking to everything red
Teeth kicked in. Ivory grind.
White doves flock across the sky syncronized patternless
Calm and gentle disturbing the sleeping giant
Change the lighting in this routine binge
cold russian love secrets. don't stare too hard
Awkward leading the way
bus ride through hell
fingers twitching
pity us through good and bad
The crucifixion of a criminal and then an earth of self righteous savages.
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(no subject) [Mar. 10th, 2004|05:19 pm]
the words in my mind came calling. windowless security, a voice behind a curtain singing words unheard calling out s.o.s. on a healthy hellbent . i cannot tell you about angel indians swimming underwater. i cant tell you abiout shadows unreal . thath's the beauty of it. you would imagine whats wrong this is, sixteen voices and an olive
dont want to impose or involve into stone. greatest wish. the world looking at the next wound. clouds in the distance unmark confusion understands . mindf..k, not mine.
new voice in you have done the job good god *&%$#@)(
leave room to enter a room, another lie inbetween meaningless impulses unplanned forward.
the next part should tell you slowly everything
look no further this is it

as far as we go
as far as we went
doesnt change anything
if you can do anything you have not proved to me,
these words are lies, these words are small to prove
dead voices ordering the invisible army clear from the traffic. soul of
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i [Mar. 9th, 2004|01:33 am]
rotting knuckles
in a flash of white light
unsavable and too long
the manual on friendship
how to hold acquaintances
rest assured
i am already asleep
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